My first “Sea Kayaking” experience in Colombo Port City waters.

Going in to the weekend I knew that i wanted to blow off some steam, with the type of week I had at the work I simply wanted to spice things up a bit and shake the nice and comfy but boring little life style that I have settled in to for past two weeks.

I have lost my partner in adventure, as my wife is in Australia visiting a client for her employer, so she is tied up in that for two (long) months. (Long sad sigh)

“It is up to me to come up with something, don’t want to have another Netflix and chill weekend this time around as well” I was so determined to figure something out.

After surfing the web for couple of days after work, i was putting in different key words to google to find out what I could do in the week end.

“I badly wanted to get a good piece of an adventure, to get the adrenaline pumping in my blood, to get that thrill of living the life on the edge”

I was looking for places, things and people who could offer what I wanted to put that nice little twist to my weekend. And then there was it, I came across this nice set of people at “Off Grid – Sri Lanka” who offers a plethora of kayaking excursions in the water ways in the heart of Colombo, who would have thought, I was ecstatic and jumping up and down in my head with joy!”

But to my disappointment they wanted a group of four for that ‘Diyawanna lake’ excursion, but the silver lining was that they had a sea kayaking sessions that you could go alone.

“well, this could be just the thing”

“Sea kayaking, why didn’t I think of this before, should be interesting and what could possibly go wrong?”

A string of thoughts got triggered in my mind with vivid set of images of how nice it would be to explore the sea on a kayak.

I straightaway booked a session with them for the coming Sunday evening, where the adventure awaited me.


It was bit of a long drive from the Port City entry point over the tar mac where a serene sky line unfolded before me. Port City mesmerized me from it’s sheer size since it was land created by dredging the sand and building layers and layers of sand that has carved out a new city from the Colombo Sea line.

When I looked out of the car, I could see the Colombo city sky line with buildings rising to kiss the sky. It was bit of a strange feeling as I have never looked at the city of Colombo from this side of the sea. 

After the tar mac ended, i had to go on a gravel road for a little while, judging from the noises that my car was making i could tell that she didn’t like that bumpy ride not even a bit. 

I was driving to the ‘Beach Park’ where the adventure awaited, once i came and parked in front of the supposed ‘Beach Park’ didn’t look like there was much of a crowd, simply couple of foreigners with their paddle boards in the water. 

I wasn’t anyway a ‘more the merrier’ kind of a guy. I loved the serene and calmness of the place. 

“This is going to be one hell of a kayaking round mate” I said to myself looking at the vast body of water which ran to up to the breakwater and to my right was the opening to the sea. 

One of the tourists was generous enough to capture a good snap of me, before I went in to the water.

I was excited to get in to the water, especially this being the first time I am going to ride a kayak in the sea. I have had my fare share of fun in kayaks in fresh water rivers, lakes and other places but not here, so felt like it’s a different game, a different adventure.

Beach park facing the sea was absolutely amazing, sun was out but not sweltering hot as it usually is even this late in the day. A swift breeze came across the sea that was also comforting and inviting me to the open sea.

I was all geared up, applied some sun cream to avoid any sun burns and was ready hit the water. 

The view from the shoreline was absolutely stunning, the sky was shady and gloomy so I had the perfect cloud cover with some sun to see what’s out there and didn’t bring in the excessive heat nor sweat.

Looking at the vast emptiness of the water in front of me was little scary, and watching a series called ‘Essex Serpent’ on apple tv the day before didn’t help at all. There was a point where a scene was kept playing in my head showing me that a sea serpent is swimming up from bottom of the sea to drag me along with my kayak to the deep and dark abyss. Even thinking about that moment gives me chills now. 

But paddling around a bit got me distracted and the thoughts of a scary beast simply faded away and I began to enjoy my self on the kayak.

Couple of sips from a energy drink can gave me that additional boost to go around and capture myself giving all kinds of nonsense poses as well. Imagine being alone in a kayak in the middle of the sea with no one around you and figuring out which filter is the best, that was simply a crazy feeling.

I could see the tall cranes of Colombo harbor that looked like giant alien robots from a Sci-Fi movie. 

The ‘Ghost Ship’ was a highlight of my trip, what looked like a bunkering vessel used to transport fuel has been birthed with no activity around. It also reminded me the safety guides brief before getting in to the water about this being anchored here for some time now with no one on board. 

I went close to the ship to get a close look, there was simply no one there and the only sound that came was the metal squeaking sound when the waves pushed it around, a sound that literally send chills down the spine.

All those memories from watching the ‘Ghost Ship’ a movie about a haunted ship came crashing in. 

Don’t let this big (fake) smiles fool you, my heart was beating like crazy and the second I took these pictures I was paddling like a mad man to put some distance between my self and the vessel. 

Best part of the session came when I ventured out to the sea from the end of break water, where I met waves as big as 10-12 feet, that was a thrill at another level. Since I knew full well what damage a strong wave could do, it could topple you throw you away from the kayak and by the time some one spots you are missing you’d be smashed against the huge concrete blocks in the breakwater.

when I came out of the water around 6 o clock, the place was filled with people, some of them playing Frisbees with their dogs, kids running around, lights coming up around the ‘Beach Park’ with some real part atmosphere kicking in. Felt like a good time to grab something to eat from the restaurant the beach which was lit, swinging from live music and buzzling with crowd and topped my weekend with a great vibe.

It was a great day for me that ended with absolutely unforgettable bunch of memories coming from the back of this ‘Sea Kayaking’ experience. I enjoyed my sea kayaking so much so that i ended up calling and promising my wife to take her here once she comes from Australia.

Especially the team at “Off Grid – Sri Lanka” from the incredibly talented guide(whose name unfortunately eludes me now) who made sure that I was well taken care of to the lovely owners from ‘Sam’ to ‘Ananda’ to ‘Jonathan'(I hope I got all of the names right) who were very courteous, professional and from the get go knew what they were doing and later got to know that couple of them has served in Sri Lankan navy as well. All in all a brilliant experience organized by brilliant bunch of guys and i would recommend the place to anybody in a heart beat who is looking for some quality adventure in the heart of Colombo.

Finished the day with a smile from Beach Park and grabbed a drink before I came home.

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