Exploring the River ‘Mahaweli’ on a Kayak

Chapter 1: The place where river meets a jungle I made a quick glance at my watch, it took me a while until my eyes got used to the darkness, using the radium dials I could barely see that it was just passed the midnight. We left the heart of Colombo, Capital city of Sri…

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Can we Humanize a business model?

Today’s dynamic and vibrant market place has seen it all when it comes to business models, each with its own “modus operandi” in approaching customers, how the deals are struck and has a trickle down effect on the behavior of a firm in general. Business models can range from B2B(Business to Business) when a firm approaches other business entities…

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Buy once, Cry Once!

Following post is extracted from an old journal of mine, back in the day when I was working for a firm that offered engineering solutions. This was the time when I was a marketer before moved on to become a Software ERP consultant that I am today. This reminds me of good old days with…

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Sachitha De Silva

Hello! I am a blogger by the night, a software guy by the day. Love to travel, read, arthouse movies and adventure sports.

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